Becoming an Approved Technical Assessor

Becoming an Approved Technical Assessor

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Career in Assessment

Do you have experience working in the energy & utilities sector? Have you ever considered a career in assessment? Discover assessor job opportunities; become a technical expert, end point assessor and examiner.

Becoming an assessor 

As part of our commitment to delivering an independent end point assessment service of apprenticeship standards, we maintain a database of independent technical experts, assessors and examiners that we work with for a range of activities, including:

  • Designing and developing the apprenticeship standard tools for end point assessment activities.
  • Providing independent technical experts and assessors to employers delivering apprenticeships.
  • Providing technical experts for the end point assessment activities. These activities include final decision panels, invigilation, audit, moderation and standardisation.

Join our Network 

We are actively seeking to build on our network of technical experts, end point assessors and examiners to partner with us to deliver our services. We are looking for individuals who are experts of their technical field and hold (or be working towards) an assessor qualification in one of the following areas, ideally gained through operating in the energy & utilities sector:

  • Maintenance and operations engineering – electrical technicians, mechanical technicians, control and instrumentation technicians, wind turbine technicians electrical system and process control technicians, electromechanical technicians and plant operations technicians.
  • Gas engineering – installation, commission, decommission and the ongoing service and repair of gas appliances.
  • Dual fuel smart meters – installation, exchange, commission, decommission and ongoing maintenance of smart metering systems and associated equipment and communication systems.
  • Electrical power network engineering – asset management, planning, design, control electrical projects and operational delivery engineers.
  • Electrical power protection and plant commissioning engineering – across the electrical power sector in generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Water process technicians – working on water supply and treatment, water networks and leakage, sewerage and wastewater.
  • Technical experts would be required to make assessment judgements about the competence of apprentices in the workplace.

Watch the video below to find out more about End Point Assessment and becoming an Independent Technical Expert, end point assessor and examiner

Find out more

If you are interested in pursuing a career in end point assessment and would like to join our team of technical experts, assessors and examiners, we would be delighted to hear from you.

In the first instance, please send in your CV with a covering letter indicating which standards you are interested in assessing. We will then undertake approval and risk assessment to ensure capability, capacity and independence to support the delivery of range of end point assessment activities for a specific standard.

Please send your CV to:

If you prefer to speak with us directly please call 0121 713 8310.