Revised Gas Network Craftsperson End-Point Assessment Plan and Occupational Standard Published - EUIAS

Revised Gas Network Craftsperson End-Point Assessment Plan and Occupational Standard Published

What is an end point assessment? End Point Assessment Apprenticeship Assessment

We are delighted to announce the revised gas network craftsperson end-point assessment (EPA) plan has been published alongside the revised occupational standard. The standard, published on the Institute for Apprenticeships website, now features a new network pipelines maintenance option, which complements the existing three options: electrical and instrumentation, pressure management and emergency response.

The funding band for this apprenticeship standard remains at £27,000 per apprentice.  All new starts will immediately be registered and assessed against the revised plan.

Gas network craftsperson is a core and option apprenticeship standard. The safe operation, control and maintenance of the gas network is essential to avert major loss or interruption to supplies, this includes responding to and managing gas emergency situations to ensure potential safety issues are controlled and remediated without delay.

The EPA must assess apprentices against the core knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) and the knowledge and skills relating to their chosen option. The EPA consists of two distinct assessment methods: knowledge and skills assessment, and a technical interview that is underpinned by evidence from the apprentice’s logbook.

Performance in the EPA will determine the apprenticeship grade of fail, pass or distinction. The EPA must be completed over a maximum six-month period, after the EPA gateway. Apprentices must successfully complete the knowledge and skills assessment which provides an evidence source for their logbook and practical task.

Professional Body Recognition

Upon successful completion of this apprenticeship, individuals will be eligible for membership and professional registration as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) with the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM).

Gas Safe registration

Apprentices that have successfully completed the emergency response craftsperson option, will need to obtain Gas Safe Registration to practice legally. To satisfy the requirements of Gas Safe Registration, these apprentices will need to successfully complete Matters of Gas Safety (MoGS) assessments. These must be delivered through a certification body that is approved to deliver the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme. This may be delivered by the end-point assessment organisation if it holds a contract with Gas Safe Register to do so.

Occupational profile

Gas Network Craftspersons are employed by organisations authorised to transport gas from on-shore terminals through the United Kingdom’s approximately 286,000 kilometres (175,000 miles) of pipeline to 21.5 million gas users. These organisations could be very large companies that supply wide geographical areas or much smaller ones that supply as few as three or four properties.

A Gas Network Craftsperson could be directly employed by the organisation that owns and/or manages the gas network or by an organisation that contracts their services to the networks.
They work as part of a larger team, which may include planners, designers, supervisors and managers. They are often deployed to site in pairs or alone, dependent on the activity being undertaken.

Good communication skills are essential as the apprentices may have to interact with the general public, agencies and emergency services on safety-related matters and also provide technical advice to other stakeholders. The projects they work on could have values in excess of £250,000.

The occupation incorporates four specialist roles:

  • Network Maintenance Craftsperson (Electrical & Instrumentation)
  • Network Maintenance Craftsperson (Pressure Management)
  • Network Pipelines Maintenance Craftsperson (NEW)
  • Emergency Response Craftsperson

The Institute for Apprenticeships website details the main duties and tasks for each.

The Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS), a part of the Energy & Utility Skills Group, is approved to provide end-point assessment for the gas network craftsperson standard.

The EUIAS’ Associate Director, Dr Jacqueline Hall, said: “The development of this standard and the end-point assessment plan is an outcome of practical observation and close collaboration with gas employers to ensure each apprenticeship standard remains fit for the sector’s purposes. We are delighted to support this improved Standard with our high quality end-point assessment service.”

Gas Network Craftsperson is one of ten standards for which the EUIAS is approved to provide end-point assessment. For the complete list, visit our end-point assessment page.