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End Point Assessment for your apprentices

The Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service provides rigorous end point assessment to enable employers to demonstrate their apprentices can do the job that they have trained for in a safe, competent and productive manner.

We work with a range of employers across the energy and utilities and adjacent sectors to provide assessment for ten approved standards ranging from levels 2 – 4.

Leading employers we deliver EPA for include:

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Selecting your end point assessment organisation

It’s important that you select an independent EPA organisation that is listed on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations and we recommend that you appoint your assessment provider at the start of the apprenticeship.

Appointing us as your end point assessment organisation is a five-step process:

1. Complete our employer selection form

You complete a form to confirm you have selected us as your end point assessment organisation.

2. Register apprentices

You or your training provider then register your apprentices with us.

3. Confirm activity and payments

We will work with you and the lead training provider to arrange the necessary service level contracts and confirm activities.

4. Identify technical experts and assessors

We will select and approve independent technical experts and assessors to meet each assessment plan’s requirements.

5. Attend training on end point assessment

We will provide a mixture of face to face training and webinars for your apprenticeship team and for all technical assessors on all the tools for end point assessment. In addition, we will provide you with guidance materials to support all those involved.

Find Out More

To find out how the Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service can support end point assessment of your apprentices, please contact us on enquiries@euias.co.uk. You can also call us on 0121 713 8310 or complete our online enquiry form.