Lead Engineering Maintenance Technician - End Point Assessment

Lead Engineering Maintenance Technician

Lead Engineering Maintenance Technician

Gas engineering apprenticeship standard

Lead Engineering Maintenance Technician Level 4

The Lead Engineering Maintenance Technician Standard is ideal for those who have completed a level 3 apprenticeship or are interested in further developing their skills in order to undertake additional responsibilities within their current roles.

Apprentices will gain a comprehensive skill set including adherence to health, safety, and environmental regulations, risk assessment and mitigation, task planning and effective communication. Additionally, apprentices will develop proficiency in technical leadership, fault finding techniques, and technical handover procedures, contributing to a well-rounded and capable workforce.

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End Point Assessment

Your apprentices will be assessed by EUIAS assessors, and EUIAS will confirm whether the apprentice has achieved the standard or not (awarding a fail, pass, merit or distinction). 

The end point assessment consists of two elements:

  • Project: report and presentation with questions
  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

Typically, the apprenticeship takes between 36 months, and an additional 6 months for the end point assessment (EPA) duration. 


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End Point Assessment Fees

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How we can help 

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