Mathematics and English Pre-requisites - End Point Assessment

Mathematics and English Pre-requisites

Mathematics and English Pre-requisites

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Apprentices must achieve English and maths prior to entering end point assessment. The level of achievement required is dependent on the level of apprenticeship undertaken. English and maths must be achieved at a minimum level 1 in a level 2 apprenticeship and level 2 in a level 3 apprenticeship.

Prior Equivalent Qualifications

An apprentice can either achieve English and maths during their apprenticeship or through a recognised qualification achieved prior to their apprenticeship (called a prior equivalent qualification). Qualifications recognised as prior equivalent qualifications are agreed by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

The ESFA maintains a document titled ‘Apprenticeship standards: list of acceptable current and prior qualifications for English and Maths requirements in apprenticeship standards at level 2 and above’.  This document is available here.

The Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS) will only accept qualifications on this list unless an exception applies. Qualifications not listed in the document cannot be accepted as prior equivalent qualifications, without prior written permission from the ESFA.

If you want a qualification not listed to be recognised as a prior equivalent qualification, you must contact the ESFA directly.  If recognition is granted, you must supply us with written evidence from the ESFA before we can accept the qualification.

Evidencing Achievement

End point assessment organisations must validate and retain appropriate evidence to demonstrate that an acceptable qualification in English and maths has been achieved. You must therefore provide us with appropriate evidence of achievement.  Appropriate evidence is:

  1. certificate of achievement from the awarding organisation.
  2. notification of results from the awarding organisation (notification must be of results achieved, not of provisional results)


Where a certificate of achievement is missing the apprentice must undertake best endeavours to obtain a replacement certificate. Where obtaining a replacement certificate is not possible, we will accept one of the following:

  1. a report generated from the apprentice’s Personal Learning Record (PLR)
  2. a report from the school information management system (SIMS) or Candidate Management Information System (CMIS), which must be authenticated with a stamp from the relevant school/college or provider, and signed by the examinations officer or other equivalent authority
  3. a National Record of Achievement (NRA), which must contain relevant awarding organisation verifiable achievement

Evidence must contain the apprentice’s full name, date of birth, the full name of qualification (including awarding organisation name and qualification accreditation number), the grade awarded, and the date of achievement.

A statement of results on headed paper from a school, college, or other provider is not acceptable evidence.


Exceptions to the regular English and maths minimum requirements are possible for apprentices with special educational needs, learning disabilities or disabilities. This exception must have been formally identified by the main provider in line with the requirements of ESFA funding rules.

For us to accept an exception, you must submit to us copies of:

  • the recommended learning plan (dated within eight weeks of the apprentices’ start date)
  • education, health and care plan
  • statement of special educational needs and/or learning disabilities assessment
  • certificate of achievement for the qualification listed in the recommended learning plan