Water Industry Network Technician and Water Industry Treatment Process Technician - End Point Assessment

Water Industry Network Technician and Water Industry Treatment Process Technician

Water Industry Network Technician and Water Industry Treatment Process Technician

Water Treatment Works End Point Assessment EUIAS Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service

Engineering Apprenticeship Standards Level 3

A Water Industry Network Technician (WINT) is employed to monitor water or wastewater networks, and to respond to incidents as required.

They might be required to resolve the issues directly, or identify what actions are required to keep everything flowing properly.

Water Industry Treatment Process Technicians (WITPT) are required to maintain onsite process standards for water and/or wastewater (although, typically only within one type of treatment stream).

Both types of role are about optimising processes for maximum efficiency and compliance. These jobs are highly rewarding, require high levels of diligence, a capacity for problem solving, and a willingness to work outside of the normal nine-to-five as part of 24/7 operations.   

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WINT/WITPT replaces the former Water Process Technician standard, while still preserving the five job pathways underneath that standard.

These are divided as below:

  • Water Industry Treatment Process Technician (WITPT)
    • Water Treatment Process Technician
    • Wastewater Treatment Process Technician
  • Water Industry Network Technician (WINT)
    • Water Distribution Network Technician
    • Water Leakage Technician
    • Wastewater Network Technician


Water Industry Treatment Process and Network Technicians are a vital part of the modern water industry.

They are essential for ensuring that networks for both water and wastewater are meeting quality, regulatory, safety, security, and environmental requirements, in order to keep people safe, healthy, and with good access to clean water and a working sewerage system.

The water industry has seen a good level of growth, with August 2022 seeing the highest monthly number of recorded online postings for jobs since records began in 2012.

Duration of the apprenticeship

Completing the Water Industry Network Technician (WINT) apprenticeship will take around 30 months.

Completing the Water Industry Treatment Process Technician (WITPT) apprenticeship will take around 36 months.

Both of these timings do not include four months for end-point assessments, and may vary based on when the apprentice is ready to complete their end-point assessment.


These standards use independent assessors from your industry, and EUIAS will confirm whether the apprentice has achieved the standard or not (awarding a fail, pass, merit or distinction).

The end-point assessment consists of three elements:

  • Knowledge test
  • Practical observation with questions
  • Interview underpinned by a portfolio of evidence


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End-point assessment allows an apprentice to demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and behaviours, to complete and achieve their apprenticeship.

With a wealth of experience, we are approved to deliver end-point assessment for 16 apprenticeship standards across various sectors and schemes, catering to a variety of roles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers frequently asked questions about the WINT/WITPT standards. If you have a question that isn’t listed in our FAQs, please fill out the above enquiry form or call 0121 713 8200.

When will the WINT/WITPT standards be available for use?

The WINT/WITPT standards are available for new apprenticeship starts from 13 September 2022.  

When will the former Water Process Technician standard be phased out?

The Water Process Technician standard has been retired as of 12 October 2022. 

No new starts for Water Process Technician will be accepted after this date.

Apprentices already registered on WPT can complete and EUIAS will continue to offer end-point assessments for WPT as long they are required.

I have other questions about apprenticeships

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