Water Treatment Technician - End Point Assessment

Water Treatment Technician

Water Treatment Technician

Gas engineering apprenticeship standard

Water Treatment Technician Level 3

Water Treatment Technicians are responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of water treatment programmes for water systems in industrial and commercial buildings, hotels and institutional premises including colleges, schools, hospitals and care homes. 

Apprentices will gain a strong understanding of the advanced technical knowledge required to support their role, such as reducing corrosion of different metals, cell structure of waterborne microbes and the interactions with biocidal products used to control them and the use of specialised analytical equipment for the testing in field of water samples.

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We offer end point assessment (EPA) for the following four pathways for the Water Treatment Technician:

  • Water Treatment Technician
  • Water Treatment Equipment Technician
  • Legionella Risk Assessor
  • Water Treatment Operations Supervisor

End Point Assessment

Your apprentices will be assessed by EUIAS assessors, and EUIAS will confirm whether the apprentice has achieved the standard or not (awarding a fail, pass or distinction). 

The end point assessment consists of three elements:

  • Knowledge test
  • Observation
  • Professional discussion (supported by a portfolio of evidence)

Typically, the apprenticeship takes between 24 – 30 months, and an additional 3 months for the end point assessment (EPA) duration. 


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End Point Assessment Fees

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How we can help 

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