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EUIAS End Point Assessment Resources

EUIAS End Point Assessment Resources

We are consolidating our support materials into a single EPA Specification document for each apprenticeship standard. Our EPA Specification is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your queries for each standard. Each EPA Specification follows the same format and provides amplification and guidance on the apprenticeship’s knowledge, skills and behaviours.  It also provides information and guidance on gateway requirements, our service delivery approach and preparing for each EPA activity and grading criteria.  

We are making all our EPA Specifications available from our website,, ready for you to download when you want.

You can check that you are working with the latest version, by simply checking the version number.

EPA Specifications for the Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician (MOET) (3 pathways) and Gas Engineering Operative apprenticeships are now available to download. The EPA Specification for further MOET pathways will be available by the end of June, and other apprenticeships will follow.

For standards that don’t yet have an EPA Specification, you can access existing support materials from the EPA Resources section of our website.