Apprenticeship end-point assessment flexibilities extended - EUIAS

Apprenticeship end-point assessment flexibilities extended by The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

Extended flexibilities in end-point assessment

Despite COVID-19 restrictions and another English lockdown, finding ways to complete end-point assessments continues to be a priority. We remain adaptable and have reacted creatively to the challenges the pandemic brings to ensure we continue to support apprentices and their employers.

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) has extended flexibilities in end-point assessment through to March 2021 in order to help more apprentices complete their programmes during the pandemic.

The special measures were initially put in place until January, however new lockdown restrictions have prompted the IfATE to grant an extension providing further certainty for assessors.  

Bernie Zakary, Head of the Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS) said:

“We welcome the decision from IfATE to extend COVID flexibilities for end-point assessments. EUIAS has remained open throughout the pandemic and will continue to serve our customers wherever it is possible to do so. Some flexibilities are already ‘tried-and-tested’ and approved for use. However, we are always happy to discuss different approaches with customers and seek approval for new flexibilities.”

The flexibilities we have agreed so far include:

  • Trade tests live-streamed to assessors in remote locations (enabling trade tests to take place without assessors having to travel or be on-site)
  • Where connectivity is not good enough to support live-streaming, recording of trade tests for remote assessment later
  • Temporary suspension of the requirement for assessors not to be involved in the apprentices’ training programme (enabling EPAs to take place when employer technical experts are not able to travel to the required site)
  • Technical interviews being carried out using video-conference technology; while reviewing portfolio evidence

If you are interested in finding out more about end-point assessment, contact the EUIAS team at or call us on 0121 745 1310.