ACE360 Introduction - EUIAS

ACE360 Introduction

ACE360 Apprenticeship management system

We have decided to use the ACE360 system to manage our end-point assessment and customers will benefit from the many features provided by the system. We will absorb all costs associated with using ACE360, so you won’t have to pay a penny and since the system is web-based, you won’t have to install any software or invest in any new kit to use it. 

Click here for a quick summary of the benefits of ACE360.

Rolling out ACE360
We are rolling out ACE360 on a phased basis, allowing customers to continue with our existing processes for apprentices already in EPA. We will use ACE360 to manage EPA for apprentices that have not yet reached Gateway.

We will retain some features of our current ways of working with customers. In particular, we will continue to allocate all customers with a dedicated Service Delivery Coordinator to support you throughout the EPA process. 

If you are not already using ACE360, you will need to create a free account for your organisation. This only takes a few minutes on the ACE360 website. The first person to set up an account for your organisation will be designated a “Super Administrator” and will be allowed to issue invitations to other users within your organisation.

ACE360 induction
To support new and existing customers as they start to use the new system, Bernard Zakary, Head of EUIAS, and Mark Fitzgerald, FISSS, hosted an ACE360 induction webinar.

Here is a recording of the webinar:

EUIAS ACE360 timeline

  • All EPAs that start* on and after 1 July 2022 will be managed using ACE360.
  • All EPAs that have already started* by 1 July 2022 will be completed using our existing processes.

* “Started EPA” means the apprentice has finished their training, had their Gateway meeting with their employer and training provider, and the provider has notified us and we have started to plan EPA.

Both existing users of ACE360 and new users may have some learners already registered with EUIAS. If you have told us they are due to reach Gateway and start end-point assessment from July onwards, then they will be managed using ACE360. This is true even if you have not yet told us the names of those apprentices.

ACE360 data and workflows
The workflow for starting to use ACE360 and registering apprentices is very straightforward:

  1. You first need to create an ACE360 account and send a link request to EUIAS (new users only) – this will prompt a call from our Business Development Manager, Steve Green, to discuss your needs and complete a service level agreement.
  2. You then need to add apprentice data, including their provisional start date for end-point assessment.
  3. You then attach the relevant Standard to the apprentice and choose EUIAS as the EPAO for that apprentice. If you have already supplied us with learner data for EPA starts from July onwards, we will work with FISSS to enter that data into ACE360. 

This completes the start of your apprentices’ journey towards end-point assessment. 

All of the above steps will be covered in the induction webinar as well as the remaining workflows including Gateway Eligibility and scheduling the end-point assessments.