ACE360 Update - EUIAS

ACE360 Update

ACE360 Apprenticeship management system

In this update we highlight some specific ways in which we will be using ACE360 to track Gateway Eligibility. This may be different from how you use ACE360 with other EPAOs so please take a look.

Please circulate this update to any colleagues in your organisation who are using ACE360 and contact us if you would like anyone else added to the circulation list for EUIAS Updates.

A recording of the Provider Induction webinar is available here.

If you have any queries about working with EUIAS and ACE360 please contact your Service Delivery Coordinator directly, call us on 0121 713 8310 or email us at

Apprentice data

EUIAS is now open for business with ACE360. This means all new registrations should be made using ACE360. Providers who have an ACE360 account and have made a link request should now register their apprentices with us using ACE360. We will start using ACE360 to track the end-point assessments of apprentices who have their first end-point assessment activity from 1 July onwards.

All learner data that we have already received is being uploaded to ACE360. Note that this can only be done where the provider has an ACE360 account, has made the initial link request with us and has contacted EUIAS to request tokens for each apprentice.

When the learner data has been uploaded, you will be able to see the registrations when you log onto ACE360 and we ask that you check:

  • Learner names and standard are correct, including pathway if applicable.
  • The estimated EPA start dates are correct.

Some providers have already sent us eligibility requirements (maths and English) with their data. This will also be uploaded onto ACE360.
Reminder: Key point about working with EUIAS using ACE360

  • Using ACE360 with EUIAS is free. ACE360 uses a token system and EUIAS is covering the cost of all the tokens you need to register apprentices with us.
  • ACE360 does not replace the personal service we provide you with.  You will still have a dedicated Service Delivery Coordinator allocated to work with you throughout your end-point assessment.
  • We will refund 100% of the EPA registration fee for any apprentices registered with us who do not proceed to end-point assessment.

Using ACE360 to register apprentices for end-point assessment

  • Contact EUIAS and inform us how many apprentices you want to register and we will allocate tokens to your ACE360 account
    • We encourage you to do this as early as possible, ideally within six months of the start of the apprenticeship
    • This is usually done via our business development manager Steve Green
    • You need to provide a purchase order for the EPA registration fee when you register apprentices with us on ACE360
    • We will refund 100% of the EPA registration fee for any apprentices registered on ACE360 who do not proceed to end-point assessment.
  • You can update ACE360 with any changes to learner data, including the estimated EPA start date, at any time before gateway information is submitted and approved.

From registration to gateway

  • You will upload your Gateway eligibility requirements, typically scans of English and Mathematics certificates, to ACE360 for each apprentice.
  • You will need to send us your purchase order for the balance of the EPA fees.
  • Your Service Delivery Coordinator will use ACE360 to confirm that each apprentice has met gateway eligibility requirements.

From gateway to certification

  • No further actions required from the training provider.
  • You can follow the progress of each apprentice through their EPA.
    • Assessment component dates will be visible on ACE360.
    • EUIAS will use ACE360 to inform you of the final result and certification date.

Using ACE360 to track Gateway eligibility

To understand how to track Gateway eligibility using ACE360, we have created a guide. You can access the guide here.