Knowledge Tests Update - EUIAS

Knowledge Tests Update

Knowledge Tests Update
  • Paper tests

As pandemic restrictions recede, we are returning to the use of hard copy knowledge test papers instead of digital downloads. We post out the required number of test papers to a named contact and include a return envelope. As before, we do require customers to have secure lockable storage in which to keep knowledge test papers before they are used.

  • Automatic marking

In addition, we are introducing automatic marking for multiple choice knowledge tests using an optical mark reader. There is no change to the content of the knowledge tests, but each apprentice will get a test paper and a separate answer sheet on which to mark the answers with a pencil. Test papers will no longer contain boxes for apprentices to enter an “X” for their answer. Customers must ensure that each apprentice has a pencil and an eraser when taking their knowledge test.

Our service delivery team will contact customers to discuss the switch to automatic marking and to answer any questions that you may have.

To support the introduction of automatic marking we have a limited stock of branded pencils, complete with eraser, which we are sending out to customers with the knowledge tests. You can allow the apprentice to keep the pencil or retain them for future knowledge tests.