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Knowledge Test Script Scanning and On-screen Assessment

Engineering construction pipefitter Assessment Updates

In the last edition of the EUIAS newsletter we reported that we are introducing the use of the ABBYY script scanning system. This is now fully operational and we have started the process of migrating to on-screen knowledge testing using the XAMS system from the established IT provider Coelrind.

We will keep Centres informed of progress. The main features of our on-screen testing are:

  • We are introducing on-screen testing, but will continue to offer paper-based assessments where requested
  • We will be able to issue results more quickly
  • Where apprentices fail, our feedback reports will be more detailed
  • We are introducing on-screen testing on a standard-by-standard basis starting early in 2024 and we will be liaising with customers individually to take them through the process
  • On-screen assessments will be scheduled in the same way as paper-based assessments, by agreement with your Service Delivery Coordinator. They must take place on approved premises and be invigilated by approved invigilators

If you have any further questions, please contact us at