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Learning from Experience Meetings

Learning from Experience Meetings

As part of our commitment to delivering our Customer Charter we have introduced Learning from Experience meetings for all of our customers. These are meetings between our staff, and staff from the training provider and employer to review what went well and what can be improved. They do not replace the regular contact you have with your Service Delivery Coordinator while the end-point assessments are taking place.

So far we have held Learning From Experience meetings with all customers completing cohorts since September and without exception they have told us that they value these meetings and that they are a great way to round off the experience. The benefits include:

  • Improved communication between us, the training and employer
  • Better understanding of assessment plan requirements
  • Identifying efficiencies for future EPA schedules
  • Valuable feedback for our assessors

I am also really please to say that we have had great feedback about our Service Delivery team and we will continue to hold Learning From Experience meetings and listen to what customers tell us.