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Timeliness and the End-point Assessment Window

Timeliness and the End-point Assessment Window

On 15 November the exams regulator Ofqual issued an Information Request to awarding organisations (AOs) to help them better understand any issues affecting the timely completion of end-point assessments.

Assessment plans include “EPA windows” – these are the ‘typical’ times that are expected for the completion of end-point assessments and you will find that information in our EPA Specifications along with the expected timelines for the whole EPA process.

Here we summarise the main steps in the EPA process, with expected time frames:

  • Register apprentices with EUIAS on ACE360
    • As early as you can and at least 3 months before expected Gateway date
  • Provide EUIAS with Gateway eligibility requirements (English and maths certificates, portfolio and Gateway Eligibility Report)
    • Must be completed before Gateway eligibility is confirmed on ACE360
  • End-point assessment window (usually 3 months, or 6 months depending on apprenticeship)
    • The clock starts as soon as EUIAS confirm that Gateway eligibility has been met, not on date of first assessment.
  • End-point assessments
    • Must be completed within the EPA window unless there are exceptional circumstances, and a Reasonable Adjustment has been agreed with EUIAS

If you have any further questions please contact us at enquiries@euias.co.uk.