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Dales Plant Apprentices Excel in Gas Industry End-Point Assessments

Dales Plant Apprentices Excel in Gas Industry End-Point Assessments

Dales Plant, a respected SME in the gas industry, is celebrating the success of five Gas Network Operative apprentices who recently completed their end-point assessment with Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS). The apprentices, who were trained by 3t*, have all passed the assessment with one achieving a distinction.

Dales Plant, based in Doncaster, has been actively involved in gas network improvement and replacement contracts for various companies, playing a crucial role in enhancing the network’s safety and efficiency. The SME decided to help shape the future of the industry by giving five local young people, from a variety of backgrounds, the opportunity to participate in their apprenticeship programme.

Shane Yarrow, CEO of Dales Plant, has expressed his pride in the apprentices’ accomplishments, highlighting the importance of providing opportunities to the local community. Shane’s commitment to supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds has not only enriched the lives of these apprentices but has also contributed to the industry’s growth and future-proofing.

Daniel Sanderson, one of the apprentices, expressed his gratitude, saying, “I wasn’t having much luck finding a job that was suitable for me in my area. I struggled academically in school and found my real strength was hands-on work. Shane is the one who gave me a chance on this apprenticeship program and provided me with support alongside 3t and EUIAS. The whole journey was fantastic, and it has allowed me to mature into the man I am today.”

The end-point assessment, the final stage of an apprenticeship where the apprentice demonstrates the required knowledge, skills and behaviours, was assessed by EUIAS. Dales Plant appointed EUIAS as their end-point assessment organisation, after recognising their expertise in the energy and utilities sector.

EUIAS assigned a designated End-Point Assessment Co-ordinator for each business, which Dales Plant and 3t both felt enabled precise scheduling and support for the apprentices’ crucial milestones, ensuring the best possible outcomes. Sophie Sparrow-Smith, the End-Point Assessment Co-ordinator for this cohort, shared her thoughts on the experience:

“It has been a great pleasure getting the Dales Plant apprentices through their end-point assessment. From the start, there has been strong communication with 3t, they provided valuable support and knowledge to the apprentices and ensured the apprentices were ready to come through for end-point assessment. I very much look forward to working with both companies again in the future, and I, and all the team at EUIAS, wish all the Dales Plant apprentices massive congratulations on their successes and future progression.”

Tom Beetham MIGEM, Head of Employer Engagement for 3t’s Training Services division said: “From a training provider’s point of view, working with EUIAS has been an extremely positive experience. Their customer service allowed all companies to work collaboratively and has allowed us all to learn, improve and develop, to what seems to be a slick operation, ensuring that the apprentices could succeed in their end-point assessment.”

As well as providing a dedicated End-point Assessment Co-ordinator and having a strong understanding of safety critical industries, EUIAS also provide support materials such as EPA specifications and practice assessments to support the apprentice’s preparation for their end-point assessments.

In an industry facing skill shortages, the success of these apprentices from Dales Plant serves as an example of the crucial role played by SMEs – and how investing in local talent and providing opportunities can play a pivotal role in future-proofing the gas distribution industry. This achievement not only benefits the apprentices but also contributes to the industry’s overall success and safety.

*Previously Utility and Construction Training LTD, now 3t following its acquisition last year (3t, previously 3t Energy Group).